LGBT Weddings

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We understand the level
of commitment it takes.


Every wedding is a personalized


Feel comfortable, we do.

We understand that you have waited a long time for the opportunity to celebrate your love for each other legally. Today, we are truly proud and honored to be able to be a part of that experience with you…the legal marriage of everyone on equal terms. LV Wedding Connection offers a variety of Wedding Experiences, that just happen to be for our beautiful same sex couples. We join you in celebrating your marriage and allowing us to create your lifetime lasting memories. Choose an indoor or outdoor ceremony, or select from our many unique locations for your life changing event. If an outdoor ceremony is what you have in mind, imagine the scenic beauty of a ceremony in Valley of Fire or Red Rock. The Valley of Fire State Park has an amazing ceremony location where arrival is only by helicopter! You will can enjoy this exclusive romantic location for your ceremony. For the couples wanting to stay a bit more grounded, a limo ride to Valley of Fire is just as beautiful. Nelson's Landing is an eclectic town that has an old ghost town feel to it, filled with amazing antiques and many cool places for photos during and after your ceremony. For simplicity, we have Passion in the Park Garden Gazebo.

Our staff will assist with customizing your special day and bringing your vision to reality. There are no crazy questions, no crazy ideas……..just dreams. We love our couples and relish in seeing their happy moments, with all of the emotion and love that is visibly apparent on this special day. Our same sex weddings, are usually non-traditional and fun filled, exciting events. At LV Wedding Connection, we understand that without “traditions” of how a wedding “should be” or “has been”, same sex couples have the opportunity to create their most romantic or wildest dream ceremony. Really, there are no "rules" and couples are enjoying every minute of being non-traditional and making their own special memories and traditions.

From the ceremony, to the celebration afterwards…we can assist with it all.

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