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LV Wedding Connection, your Wedding Destination Management company! We are a professional services company with local knowledge, expertise and resources, working in the orchestration of Weddings, Bachelorette Parties, and Proposals, providing activities, tours, transportation and event logistics.


Breaking Tradition

In light of the global pandemic and social-distancing policies that have been put into place for gatherings of 50 people or less, the Coronavirus has since changed the culture and future of weddings, and “Micro Weddings” may be the new norm for a long time to come.

Micro Weddings are the latest trend in holy matrimony, defined as any ceremony and/or reception with less than 50 total guests. This small-scale celebration offers couples an affordable alternative with more flexibility and less stress.

Bigger is not always better especially when it comes to saying, “I Do”! Planning a wedding is often a huge undertaking – it typically takes a great deal of time and lots of money – but getting married does not mean you have to have a big, over-the-top ceremony and reception with hundreds of guests that cost hundreds of dollars. These days, brides-to-be are purposefully downsizing and opting for a more intimate, exclusive and relaxed setting surrounded by their family and closest friends.

Rather than paying $35,000 plus for a large wedding, Micro Weddings start at $2,000, and just because it’s a smaller celebration that won’t break the bank, does not mean it is less significant compared to a larger wedding, and that you can’t have many elements of a large traditional wedding if you choose, from flowers to a photographer, and a reception, cake and champagne toast to the bride and groom. A Micro Wedding does not mean you still can’t have your dream wedding and that it won’t be beautiful, exciting, and memorable.

We at LV Wedding Connection are experts in all things weddings, celebrations and special occasions, and Micro Weddings is one of our specialties. This micro trend is also popular for anniversaries and vow renewals.


The wedding industry is gaining popularity with elopements. Your wedding is a big deal and your love deserves to be celebrated but with so many details involved during the planning stages, weddings can often be stressful and costly. Small weddings are on the rise, not only to save money but many couples are opting for a wedding that is more personal and meaningful to their relationship. LV Wedding Connection are experts in the field, we specialize in an exclusive wedding experience that is intimate, elite and authentic at an affordable price.

We will assist you in maximizing your budget without minimizing your experience. Your special day should be one-of-a-kind and tailored to fit you. Our wedding planners have years of expertise and they will work with you to create a beautiful day full of memories and help you define your style by drawing inspiration from your individuality and personality, pictures you love, vacations you have taken together, favorite colors, specific themes, hobbies and family traditions to create an event that is as unique as you are. It’s the thoughtful, personal touches that that are important to you and your partner that will make your wedding day a multi-sensory experience and leave a lasting impression on your family and friends.

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