Marion and Romans

Wwaahhhhhh, I can't think of other words than INCREDIBLE !!! This marriage was far beyond what we had imagined. Everything was great, we were stars, the team was great. Johni was great at finalizing the final arrangements the day before. Then Cheryl, did a hairstyle and makeup that I loved! (At the beginning we had a hard time finding ourselves, I was a little stressed but it passed quickly, the timing was perfect we had the time !!!) We chatted and had a great time. Then John ... then John was extraordinary !!! During the trip he told us a lot about the city, we learned a lot! When we arrived, we were surprised (a little scared) we had a moment of hesitation because we understood that there was a photographer, another person who took photos and video, we had not understood that it was John. We had no idea that one person could actually do all of these roles. But it quickly passed us because he started taking pictures, with an incredible staging, we were stars, there are no other words !!! The decor is magnificent. The person who performed the ceremony gave Avant advice and guided us. John put the 3 musics at the right time, the ceremony was very intense (I cried a lot, but impossible to hold back !!!). Then the cake, the champagne, all the staging of the photos, we had an extraordinary time, I have tears in my eyes thinking about it !!!). Then John took us to the restaurant, but in the meantime he agreed to make a detour for a night photo at the welcome to las vegas sign (a huge THANK YOU !!!). The top of the world meal was delicious). During the journeys John explained many things about the city to us, it was a very good moment of exchanges.

Here we are, we want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, and also thank jony, cheryl, john, and the officiant (we don't remember his name).

Eric, you have done an extraordinary job with your team, it was way beyond our expectations, we can't wait to see the photos and the video.

Thank you for allowing others to experience moments like this, very intense in emotions. We wish you much success for the future.

Marion and Romans