2017 Las Vegas Wedding and Bachelorette Familiarization Tour

LV Wedding Connection and the Las Vegas Convention Visitors Authority (LVCVA) Laughlin, partnered in a specialized FAM September   of   2017 that was customized for wedding/bachelorette/celebration agents. Nevada is no stranger to weddings and romance travel, and we host more than 80,000 couples annually! This fam was to  show off Las Vegas and Laughlin ceremony locations, reception venues, and attractions, to enhance the Wedding Celebration Weekend or Bachelorette/Bachelor party!

The group was comprised of 15 agents and planners from  Arizona,  Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, New York, and as far as Honk Kong, and Bogota Columbia.

WMBA Fam Tour 2017

The Wedding Merchants Business Academy (WMBA) has made its yearly visit to Las Vegas. What more appropriate to have a wedding Convention in the Wedding Capital.
LV Wedding Connection has been involved with the WMBA since its start in Las Vegas in 2009. The attendance was 400, and has developed into a much anticipated, and attended educational conference of 4,800. Nevada Weddings and LV Wedding Connection started an annual chapel tour to enable an exclusive of attendees a firsthand experience of a taste of the Las Vegas Wedding Industry.