Carole, Gabriel and Fanélie

Hello Joni,I do not know if you have received my message via my personal email, that's why I write you from my professional mailbox.

Thank you very much for your message. The photos are very beautiful, John was able to capture our emotions and made great photos; The ceremony was moving for us. We shared the pictures with our relatives who all told us that the photos were superb. So congratulations to John for his excellent work in addition to his sympathy and good humor.We wanted to thank also the minister who was very warm with us and gave us confidence despite the great emotions that we felt at that moment. !
And I also wanted to thank you Joni, for your welcome and your kindness on the occasion of our meeting at the hotel. our thanks also go to Davina and her great work for me and my daughter. I liked talking with her and chatting during our date. i loved to speak english actually 🙂
we were really delighted with the organization of our wedding.
Las Vegas has remained in our hearts. We will come back!
Sincerely, 🙂

Carole, Gabriel & Fanélie