Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor Weddings In Las Vegas

Whenever anyone mentions weddings in Las Vegas, most often weddings on the Strip come to mind. However, it is possible to have a more traditional type of wedding here. There are various state parks around Las Vegas and other natural backdrops that provide lovely settings for weddings. Some of the best things about the desert are the amazing sunrises, sunsets and natural rock formations. There are also Western Ghost Towns on the outskirts of Las Vegas that are popular. We often have weddings at Red Rock Canyon, the Valley of Fire, Bonnie Springs and Nelson/El Dorado Canyon. The photo opportunities these natural backdrops provide make for dazzling pictures. If you are looking for a low key type of ceremony that has a quieter more reflective feel an outdoor wedding may be for you.

It is possible to have a wedding near the water as well, Lake Las Vegas is an option that many people are unfamiliar with. There are many lovely garden venues as well. Venues like Alexis Park, and various golf courses throughout the city. These are just a few examples of the outdoor venues that are available and most of them are open year round.

Many of these outdoor venues will require transportation to the site, but transportation can always be arranged easily. Many of them are 30 minutes to one hour away at the most. It is common for couples to get married at one of these locations and return to the Strip all in the same day.

Another important factor to consider is the weather here in Las Vegas. We have excellent weather year round, 85% of the year there is sun. However, be prepared for really high temperatures in the summer months. Some of the best weather is from March to May and September to November. It is always advisable to book your venue early since these times may be in higher demand.


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$1,399 Enjoy the Cooler Weather and Spectacular Views of Mt. Charleston!

Valley of fire wedding

$2,295 A Stunning Natural Location for Your Wedding Day!

Romance in the park Wedding

$1,490 The Garden and Illuminated Lights of this Venue are Ideal for Weddings!

Red rock wedding

$1,635 Only an Hour Away to This Lovely State Park!

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