In-House Engagement, Wedding and Anniversary Rings Service

Not only does LV Wedding Connection coordinate proposals and weddings, but we also have our own jeweler we have partnered with that has over 40 years of experience in sourcing and creating the perfect ring and to any budget. They are distinct to any other diamond jeweler in the world as they do not hold any stock, meaning we will never sell a generic product we already hold nor give you a general over-priced quote for your design, but rather tailor-make and deliver your ideal ring working solely to the specifications you provide to us.

We consider engagement rings to be in parallel with some of the world leaders in jewelry design, but without their heavy costs. Our amazing partnership with Sophia Fiori and LV Wedding Connection has an exceedingly high level of expertise in personalized customer service, going above and beyond to fully satisfy the customers' needs with extremely competitive prices for our products!


"Whether I'm creating jewelry for Hollywood celebrities or the full time mom, my goal is for each woman who wears this special collection to have a red carpet moment everyday when putting on their jewelry."

Bernard Bachoura

Meet The Designer

Bernard Bachoura is a true family man and a fourth generation jeweler with a passion for creative design.

In 1979 his father, Edward, began a small diamond wholesale business in California, a trade handed down to him by his father. Bernard joined the family business at the age of 16 when he quickly discovered his talent for design.

"The diamond wholesale business is highly competitive and my father has always been the best", Bernard says, "however, jewelry design is the magic that brings diamonds to life and gives them meaning. So, naturally I gravitated toward the art of making my father's products stand out as unique and desirable.

"In 1999, inspired by the blue Hope Diamond, Bernard introduced a collection of blue diamond jewelry that took the jewelry world by storm. Shortly after, were born two of Bernard's great loves, his daughter Sophia and the Sophia Fiori blue diamond collection.

"When looking at Sophia for the first time", he says, "I knew I had been given another great gift that would continue to inspire me to live passionately. It was fitting that my collection be named after Sophia, to remind me of what I've been blessed with and to always find creative ways to bring joy to others.

"Since then Sophia Fiori has become one of the most sought after designer diamond collections in both white and colored diamonds.

"Each design is an entity with a personality and a story to tell. That's why I give each piece in the signature collection a name, like the Victoria Ring, the Venus Ring and the Cleopatra, all strong and historical names that today’s woman can relate to. "