Product Description

  • 36 Helium filled balloons
  • Floor filled balloons
  • "PHRASE" (MAX 20 letters) 16" air balloons
  • 1 Ring Balloon
  • 4 Stars/Hearts or 2 Shaped Theme Balloons
  • Deluxe 14 Foot balloon garland with 3-4 sized balloons
  • 6x8 Color Fringe Backdrop
  • Goodie Bags (up to 9 bags, any additional bags needed please contact us. If there is less than 9 guest bags will be upgraded for more high end gifts)
  • Veil and Sash for Bride

Add custom or special requests! 60-80 Minute Set-Up. Set-Up service included in pricing.

*Layout of decorations may differ dependent on the suite/room booked.


Bachelorette VIP Experience