Las Vegas French

Las Vegas French Wedding Experience

No one does it better, we are the French Connection Experts! This is our true area of expertise! As a matter of fact - most of our weddings are international. We estimate that we have done an average of at least 12 international weddings per month for the last 5 years! We love our French Couples they are truly Très Fantastique!

Without a doubt, Las Vegas has been influenced by French entertainment, cuisine and music. We are so fortunate to have the enormously talented French Canadian Celine Dion as a headliner here, and the amazing Cirque du Soleil franchise. There are also prestigious French restaurants like Joel Robuchon, and Guy Savoy. Finally, the striking Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino is an essential part of the Las Vegas skyline.

We have worked with our French partner in Nice for many years and are very familiar with their particular interests and needs. Indeed, we assist couples from all French speaking countries and regions. We have French speaking staff to assist you. We can coordinate your wedding here and then help you make it official in your home country.

Our staff will make all the arrangements and are adept at coordinating all the details remotely. We routinely do meet and greets at our client’s hotel prior to their event to discuss all last minute details. We have in depth knowledge of Las Vegas and its surrounding areas and this allows us to plan a fantastic experience for you and your guests.

One of our fun packages includes taking a ride in one of our 2CV cars that were brought here to Las Vegas directly from France. We offer a wonderful photo tour experience that includes these beautiful vehicles and allows couples to take imaginative pictures and to tour around the Las Vegas Strip in style.


Red Rock Wedding

$1,635 Natural Beauty in the Desert!

Valley of Fire wedding

$2,295 A Simple and Elegant Natural Setting!

Western chapel wedding

$1,349 A Laid Back Western Wedding!

Gold mine Ghost town wedding

$1,785 A Charming Ghost Town with Great Photo Opportunities!

Wedding Photo tours


Capture the Magic of your Special Day with One of our Amazing Photo Tour Packages Below!

CV2 Photo tour

$350 Cruise the Strip in Unforgettable Style!

Vegas Sign Wedding

$815 The Historic Sign as Part of Your Iconic Day!

butterfly kisses

$625 Truly Romantic - A Garden Wedding!

valley of fire helicopter

$3,999 Up, Up and Away on Your Glorious Day!