Product Description

7th and Carson

Former Light Group exec Liam Dwyer opened this restaurant next to the Downtown Container Park with the idea of creating a “social hub for friends to gather and enjoy great drinks, good conversation and delicious small plates meant for sharing.”

Executive chef Fortunato divides his menu into oven, garden, land and sea with dishes such as Carson fried chicken wings with honey habanero hot sauce, a white truffle toast on garlic bread with Gouda fondue, and a duo of duckling pot pies.

Customers enter through the patio that’s filled with herbs hanging on the walls. Open seating is available at the counter of the exhibition hearth oven or at the bar. Great food and a fun place for a celebration after your ceremony! They offer a wide array of fresh food – crispy chicken wings, shrimp ceviche with blue corn chips, chicken & waffles, breakfast pizza, eggs benedict, carnivore omelet, perfect burger, and spicy jambalaya. We use the freshest ingredients in preparing our food to provide the best quality and taste.


7th and Carson