Product Description

Enjoy your Luxury SUV ride as you travel to Mesquite, Nevada just 75 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. You will be greeted by your Wedding Coordinator at the Camel Safari with the Camels in your eye sight. You will have a unique wedding experience here, where you and your partner will each will be on a Camel while saying your vows! Following the ceremony, you are offered a full hands-on camel experience. Explore the world of getting up close and personal with both Dromedary (one-hump) camels and Bactrian (two-hump) camels. Trek through the Nevada Desert on an unforgettable safari atop one of the majestic camels. Overlook the beautiful Virgin River and desert mesas on your ride, led by an experienced handler. Your professional photographer will capture these memories. No one will ever believe you are in Nevada!

This package includes:

  • Authentic desert Camel ride along the Virgin River
  • Hands- on time with Camels and education from handlers
  • Souvenir 8x10 photo and commemorative gift
  • Normal Duration: 5 Hours
  • 6 people included in package

All wedding packages include:

  • Bouquet
    • Walk down the aisle with your perfect Bridal Bouquet that you have selected your favorite color. There are many styles to choose from.
  • Boutonniere
    • The boutonniere is a small flower worn, usually by a man, in the buttonhole of a lapel. Your coordinator will pin it on for you right before the ceremony!
  • Driver gratuity
    • Tip for your driver is inclusive in your price
  • Professional photographer
    • Our expert photographers are specially trained to capture the perfect moment. Professional Photographer to Capture Minimum of 35 Images. All Photos May Be Viewed on the private Website in Order to Select the Inclusive Enlargement
  • Official Wedding Document
    • For all legal ceremonies the couple must go to the Courthouse to purchase their marriage license. They must be together, and will need a photo ID. The fee is $77.00 and the courthouse is open every day of the year from 8am-midnight. If you are celebrating a Renewal of Vows ceremony, or a Commitment ceremony, a legal document is not necessary.
  • Officiant/Minister
    • The appointed person performing the Ceremony. All ceremonies are non-denominational. All legal ceremonies necessitate a person licensed by the state of Nevada to sign the official documents. Entertainers and Impersonators, can perform ceremonies as well, and some of them are licensed officiants.
  • Vehicle
    • Luxury vehicle to pick you up and drop you off at your strip hotel
  • Taxes
    • No hidden fees! Our prices already include all charges
  • Wedding Coordinator
    • Wedding Coordinators are professionals whose lives revolve around all things nuptial. Your coordinator will organize your ceremony and orchestrate all of the components ensuring all goes smoothly on your special day.