You’re Las Vegas Wedding: FAQs

Have a few questions on your mind before selecting your wedding package and experience? There's a list of commonly asked questions below, but if you still need a few answers before you're ready to reserve your wedding package, feel free to contact us any time.

Booking Policies

We are very sensitive to the budget needs of all of our couples as we book your perfect ceremony plan. The amount of the payment will depend on what plan you have chosen. The required payment varies according to wedding package price and ranges from $100 up to $1000. We understand that sometimes events in life are unpredictable and can cause an unforeseen delay or cancellation of your special day, so we are more than willing to accommodate you and put your payment on reserve for up to one year as long as we receive a minimum of fourteen days' notice.

We require the remaining balance of your ceremony to be paid 14 days prior to the ceremony date. If you book within 30 days of your ceremony, you will be asked to pay the full amount at the time that you book the ceremony.

We include the Minister Gratuity and Limo driver gratuity. Gratuities for the Photographer and others are not included and are at your descression.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or if you prefer, you may send a money order. When sending a money order, please include both the Groom’s and the Bride’s names. We accept personal checks if the wedding is at least 2 months away from the date of the event.

If you cancel your ceremony more than fourteen (14) days before your confirmed date and time, we will gladly refund all payments except for your initial deposit payment. However, if you cancel your ceremony within fourteen (14) days of your confirmed date and time, the entire amount paid becomes non-refundable because we will have already prepared for your ceremony with staff, products, and services. If the wedding is canceled due to an act of God, such as weather, we will do our best to reschedule, however there is no refund in this case.

Bridal Beauty

If you would like to have your hair and/or makeup professionally done for your wedding day, we have preferred stylists that will come direct to your room. They can do your hair and make-up or just one or the other. Please call to go over details and to set your appointment.


The actual ceremony is about eight to twelve minutes long, depending on the minister and whether it is a civil or religious ceremony. Depending on the location of your wedding, each experience has different durations of time. In town, most of our ceremony experiences are a total from start to finish of one hour. However there are many options that can be several hours, for example a Valley of Fire Ceremony, Grand Canyon Helicopter trips, The Ghost town in Nelson, Red Rock etc. We believe that we have fantastic ministers who perform sincere, to perform ceremonies. Even licensed Elvis officiate are part of our Team.

Yes, you may. We believe that each of our ministers performs a beautiful ceremony, and that your own vows are certainly not necessary. However, if you feel strongly about writing your own wedding vows we are happy to accommodate you. You may not want to write ALL of your own vows, however you may just want to speak from the heart to one another, and our Ministers are happy to accommodate this as well.

During the ceremony the couple will be asked to each take a candle and together light a center candle. This is a beautifully symbolic representation of you as individuals becoming one. After the ceremony we wrap the candle that you lit together and give it to you to take home. We suggest that you light it again on anniversaries as a renewal of your love for one another.

We welcome you to bring your own music to personalize your Las Vegas wedding. If you do choose to bring your own music, please make sure to have the songs in order of how you would like them played, and on a separate smart phone play list , burned CD or jump drive. Each wedding location will necessitate a different audio form ! Please note that each selection will play for approximately 30-45 seconds, and our Audio/Video tech will fade each song in and out accordingly. We ask that you do not edit the songs, as the time frame they are played may vary. Following are the times music mayl be played throughout your ceremony:

  1. Wedding Party processional
  2. Grand entrance as you enter and walk down the aisle
  3. Unity Candle ceremony (this is for indoor ceremonies only and instrumentals are recommended)
  4. Happy couple exits from chapel to conclude ceremony

Other options would be to book a soloist, guitarist, harpist, or violinist to play live music at your ceremony or reception.

Yes, we have translators available for most languages. The cost is generally around $100, but it depends on the requested language. In order to have time to reserve a translator, please make your request at least a week before the ceremony.

LV Wedding Connection understands with cell phones and technology so readily available, it's tempting for guests to have their phones or cameras out in attempt to capture the event. We believe that your family and friends attending your Las Vegas Wedding or Vow Renewal Ceremony should be able to sit back and enjoy the ceremony watching the commitment you and your fiancé are making. We want you and your guests to be in the moment. Every venue and location we work with has different rules about the videography. Please ask us about your specific location so that we may reply appropriately about filming the ceremony.

It is your choice what type of ceremony you prefer. All of our ministers are non-denominational. A Traditional ceremony has mention of God, and a Religious ceremony incorporate scriptures, and generally a prayer blessing your marriage. A civil ceremony does not mention God, but rather focuses solely on your relationship together. Prior to your ceremony, we will inquire with you your preference.

Yes, however it will depend on the location you have selected for your ceremony. Some venues we work with, do not give us the ability to do a Rehearsal, where others welcome it. If we must have the Minister in attendance there will be an additional fee for them, and for the Wedding Coordinator. If no Minister is needed then there will be a small fee just for the Coordinator. Fees vary based on the venue location.

Yes, LV Wedding Connections coordinators are happy to help you customize your wedding flowers. LV Wedding Connection requires floral colors to be selected at least 14 days prior to the ceremony. For unusual flowers or elaborate special requests please allow us at least three weeks.

Yes you can, however there will not be any reduction in the package price if you’re not using the flowers included.

Yes we can. LV Wedding Connection and our team have witnessed many weddings. It is truly our pleasure to be that special person on your most commemorative document. There is no charge for this.

A legal marriage is the joining of two people in matrimony by a person qualified by law to perform the ceremony (a minister, priest, judge, justice of the peace or some similar official), after having obtained a valid marriage license. A commitment ceremony is a ceremony in which a couple publicly declares their commitment to each other without getting legally married. A renewal of vows ceremony is a ceremony in which you renew your original Wedding Vows with this celebration. The ceremony does not necessitate any legal documents, and we will provide a Renewal certificate for you. This can be any amount of years you are married, and you do not need to wait until 5 years, 10 years etc. It can be for your first year Anniversary if you desire.

We desire to make your Las Vegas wedding planning experience as easy on you as possible, and to do so we have partnered with some amazing reception venues and restaurants to assist you in planning your Las Vegas wedding reception or celebration dinner. We also have locations that range from upscale breweries to private dining rooms in popular, award-winning restaurants, chic clubs on the famous Strip and even the most trendy restaurants in Las Vegas.

You will be given a decorative souvenir copy of your Marriage Certificate before leaving the Ceremony. The Minister that performs your ceremony legally has 10 business days to file the official documents with the County Recorder. Once filed, you can order a Certified Copy of the Marriage Certificate (required for legal purposes such as change of name, insurance coverage, etc.) directly from the County Recorder's Office at a cost of $15 per copy. (Price is subject to change. Please check the County Recorder's Office for updated pricing.) The County Recorder will then mail this to the address on your documents. Typically, you receive your Certified Copies within 3-4 weeks following your ceremony date. Please note that some countries will also require an Apostile in conjunction with your Certified Copy; you may want to verify this with your local government agencies. We have a specialist on staff who handles just apostiles for our International clients.

The Clark County Marriage License Bureau at the Regional Justice Center (201 Clark Avenue) The cost is $77. (Price effective as of August 2015 and is subject to change.) The two of you need to be together, and you both need to have picture identification showing that you are over 18. We suggest that you get this at least the day prior to the wedding. The marriage license is valid up to one year from the issue date.. To fill out your application to get married in Las Vegas ahead of time, go to or MLIC.Vegas and select "Marriage License". From there, you can select a link to take you to the application, which you can print, fill out and bring with you to the Marriage License Bureau. We cannot perform your legal marriage ceremony unless you have a valid Clark County Marriage License.

You must have a Nevada State Marriage License prior to your wedding in Las Vegas and provide it at the time of your ceremony. We are unable to perform a legally binding wedding without a Nevada State Marriage License, or we will perform the ceremony as a non-legally binding "Commitment Ceremony" instead. A second option will be to reschedule the ceremony, for which there will be additional fees for all vendors to be in attendance for the second time. RENEWAL OF VOWS: Vow Renewals in Las Vegas do not require a Marriage License, nor does a Commitment Ceremony.

Yes! We have VIP Luxury service available. We can meet and greet you at the airport and assist in your check in process at your Las Vegas hotel. We can arrange transportation and go with you to purchase your marriage license. This service is also available to accompany you for formal wear rentals. Talk to our Planners about our VIP service. Please note that the VIP Luxury Marriage License Service does not include the cost of the marriage license itself.

*It is necessary to contact our Planners to schedule our VIP Service.

Each limousine can hold a maximum of 6 people. That is the starter size limousine which is included in most packages. Larger vehicles can be upgraded to with an additional cost.

Yes you can as our partnerships are with chartered limousine services.

Your limousine is only available to you for pick up from your hotel to the wedding ceremony location, and back to your hotel after your ceremony unless previous arrangements have been made.

We will advise you of the location for the pick up. Each property has different pick up locations based on the size of the vehicles. We ask that you meet at the pick up location, TEN minutes prior to departure, so that we may depart on schedule..

Every ceremony package includes a different number of " photos." However, our Photographers will always take more photos than you have included with your wedding package so that you can choose your favorites. Some packages do include ALL the images!

Guest Maximum varies depending on the capacity of the location you've chosen, and not the ceremony package.

*A guest is anyone attending the wedding other than the wedding couple, including members of the wedding party.

After arriving into town and checking into your hotel we ask that you do two things. First, we would like you to call us with your room number to confirm the details of your wedding. Second, you must go to the Regional Justice Center (201 Clark Ave) to get your marriage license. We cannot marry you if you do not have the marriage license! You must get the license in the State of Nevada.

On the day of the wedding we ask you be dressed and ready, at your desired pick up location 10 minutes prior to departure time. If you do not have limo service in your plan, we ask that you, and all of your guests, arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled time. Please be prompt. Also, please take traffic into consideration - especially on weekends and holidays.

When the two of you arrive to the wedding location, your coordinator will take over and assist thru the ceremony process! You just enjoy the experience. You will be asked who you will like to sign as a witness on the document, and if you do not have any guests your coordinator will be happy to sign as your witness. Once your paperwork is completed, the coordinator will present you with your flowers and introduce the two of you to your minister and photographer. At this time, you will go over the details of your ceremony. This includes an explanation of all your documents, whether you would like a civil or religious ceremony, and what photos are included with your package. When you are done, the coordinator will advise you and your wedding party where to stand, when to walk, and any other details (for example: if you bring a special CD that you want to walk down the aisle to). At this point, it is time for your ceremony to begin. Please understand that your wedding time is an estimate, and the actual ceremony may start up to ten minutes either before or after your scheduled time.

Yes it can. However, we must know that ahead of time. The transportation companies also use the drop off location for specific routing of their next event. If the drop off location is changed day of the event, a $50.00 fee will be accessed.