Do enjoy the night life here in town. We have many venues that host Bachelorette and Bachelor parties. All of the major resorts have fantastic clubs to dance the night away.

Don’t show up late to the chapel. Your wedding will probably be rescheduled for a later time. The free standing chapels usually are booked back to back without much room for lateness, especially of Saturdays, major holidays and numerically different days.

Do let the chapel know you are a local if you are. There are sometimes special discounts for locals.

Don’t close your mind to a “traditional wedding chapel” if you live in Vegas. It is economical, and can service all of your needs and then you and your new husband can put a down payment on a house, and avoid the huge expense of a Wedding. Chapels are not what they used to be years ago. They can be elegant and just right to accommodate your special day. Do choose alternate wedding locations. Investigate the Country Clubs, Golf Courses and even restaurants that have private rooms. The wedding ceremony can be performed inside the restaurant or even the banquet facility at most any major hotel. Do know that limousines are abundant in town for rental for your wedding day. Reserve them in advance, and be aware that the rate does not include gratuity for the driver. Keep in mind the large amount of conventions that take place in Las Vegas, and that limousines are in demand for them as well.

Do know that you can rent a Tuxedo, a Wedding Dress or evening gown.

Do know that there are specialists in the hair and make up industry that cater to Brides in particular.

Do know that the Bride and Groom must get their marriage license together, and credit cards are now accepted at the courthouse as well. You may also fill out the application ahead of time and then go to the VIP line upon arrival. This will greatly speed up the process.

Do know that when you have a vow renewal service, a trip to the courthouse is not necessary.